The Bodine family in El Paso, Christmas '14: Noemi, Dan and Kareli.

L-R, Noemi, Dan and Kareli — at home Christmas ’15.

Hallelujah, new website — pass the yáhoos!

Ol’ Bo, as I’m sometimes known, is taking another step in life and can feel his juices flowing again! We’ll celebrate it with this new little website. Make some spare change from it maybe. Expenses are mounting for us old folks on fixed incomes, you know. Also, Kareli’s already a junior in high school! On the cusp of college. Can you believe it!?

But hunker up here real close, the real excitement is. We’ve got some yáhoo stories to tell. If the Good Lord’s willing and the creeks don’t rise! Gradually I’ll be posting them as eBooks. And a lot of old photos and other things that might interest you also. All eventually you’ll be able to download. Some free; others, yes, we’re asking you to donate to the cause. The be-cause!

For the blog itself, I’ll throw in some odds-‘n-ends comments occasionally on some note-worthy events or people, flavored with my ol’ country philosophy life has strapped onto me, of course!

Conservative liberalism and its search for the commons is coming back into style, haven’t ‘ya heard!? A New Urbanism is sweeping it in. Start placing your bets on Hillary! If you lean that way, that is. Opinions of all kinds will be respected here, of course. As long as they’re clean and decent.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Dan Bodine, aka Albert Daniel Bodine. Grew up in North Central Texas, in Cleburne, when most folks were Democrats and conservative to the core; and with Big Hearts.  It’s stuck on me. The concept defined the meaning of community then. Hee, hee! Even if most of them did vote the “I Like Ike” way in presidential elections.

I’m a retired justice of the peace now, Pct. 2, Presidio County (TX). Served concurrently most of that time as municipal court judge for the City of Presidio, too. Got a double dose of it, guess you can say.

And prior to all that I was an award-winning, Texas weekly newspaper publisher — worked up to the job by doing reporting and editing stints on Texas mid-sized dailies in Temple and Cleburne. Spent 20 years in papers in all!

Together as a judge, I’ve seen and experienced some tales, yes. And have notes on some of them. I’ve slowed down some now, but still have the passion for writing and reporting. I think you’ll enjoy the little eBooks!

Born in 1943 in Cleburne, I came to Far West Texas in 1989 to take over a little weekly in Presidio. Then later accepted the part-time judge’s job for a second income to help pay my weekly printing bills.

In hindsight, leaving Dallas-Fort Worth for the desert may have been the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life! Had no idea what I was stumbling into! But it’s paid off handsomely for me in personal growth!

It was a year or so after my last divorce, no children. Too, after shutting down a small, bankrupted chain of corporate weeklies in the D-FW area, I simply wanted away.

The rocky, Chihuahuan Desert mountains astraddle the Rio Grande at Presidio and Ojinaga (its sister city across), are certainly that! And more!

Overwhelmingly bruised and unhappy then with the way Life had turned out for me, I put the past behind me and came to this desert Southwest. I wanted to start my life anew, fresh. Where the money-seeking frenzy of heated Sunbelt growth wasn’t changing so many old values!

And I escaped — all the way down U.S. Hwy. 67 ’til it ends at the Rio Grande — and planted new roots. And found new life, and new hope. In a new beginning.

Few people will be as fortunate, many have told me. As my old friend Luis Armendariz in Presidio often reminded me over the years, I came into that town a couple years short of 50 years old — without even a pot to pee in! Hee, hee! And later became the only judge in town for 17 years.

Many experiences I have now, yes. And because of the habit developed in my newspaper years, I kept daily notes on a lot of them, too. Even recorded in bench trials. During testimony I’d be seen both watching and with my head down writing notes also! And I made many new friends during all these years.

We’re now living in El Paso, upstream from Presidio a ways, my new family and I are. Noemi and I recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. Our daughter, Maiya Kareli Bodine, will be taking advanced college-prep classes this her junior year.

So strike up the band! Life has turned out good after-all. Cheer on a new project for us! And keep checking the site as I slowly go forward with this. We need both your prayers and support.

Maybe, too, you’ll even find your name or photo in one of the pages sometime.

Won’t that be the darndest thing!

Hey, thanks for dropping by!


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