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Turtles high and dry

   Hey there, Jethro! Some of these readers are afraid we’re going to leave them high and dry! We wouldn’t ever do that, would we?                             “Nah…Read on, folks! We got ‘ya covered!”

This is a launch page we’ve set up just to introduce and direct visitors over to two other websites I’ve had up for several years now — Desert Mountain Times and Center on Social Minimalism.

Writing is and was my bag, yes, long before a career as a small, border-town judge. Briefly, that’s what all this is about. In Life, you celebrate the trip. Write home about it. Oh, if it was only that simple.

First, learning this new-fangled web-publication process, for an old ex-newspaper man like me from another era, has been painfully slow.

Change is difficult for me. Whether it’s health related or due to my being too thick-headed as a slow ol’ country boy, I’ll leave open. But I’ve had to mentally fight at times to continue with this web publishing project. It’s that difficult for me.

Almost a new animal. Was in the old newspaper business for 20 years, remember. Still have a “pica pole” used for measuring type that I slipped out of Frank W. Mayborn’s Temple Daily Telegram as a souvenir in the 70s, for instance — moving to another newspaper job.

When people like me move, they take a lot of these old past memories with them. To treasure. To hold onto. Maybe sometimes to use as a leaning post.

But all that slows a person down some in fitting in with a new environment, one of the arguments of modernity is. So it’s not mentioned much. But for whatever reason, web publishing at my age has been difficult to tackle.

What’s pushing me, first, as a writer is respecting the value of the written word. Who else can and will scrape away the darkness of time to better bring these witnessed incidents out?

There’s new energy or awareness here, too, a key in this. Like so many of my readers, my life always has been pointed to a degree by an unseen hand. Maybe now it can be seen as re-purposed, ripe story fodder to be used to better describe a few unique moments in time.

This isn’t without some trepidation, no.  Usually unique experiences one garners in Life’s travails are sufficient rewards in themselves — in the making of the person — one argument goes. And I don’t deny I’ve gained.

But fortunate I still consider myself — to’ve lived God’s plan like this, more or less on the fly. Not to share a few enlightening details with others is a stinginess I’m not willing to carry. Thus I’m proceeding, however slowly it might be. On this website!

My two other websites, to a much lesser degree, also reflect some of those experiences. And they’re already written.

You can access them for now by clicking on the name links above. Both are live. And will take you to the respected sites.

Hopefully eventually we’ll have some of the posts cataloged on this page with a brief summary beside them. And a direct link to it.

And if you care by chance to subscribe to any or both of the blogs on those sites, to any future postings on it, I’ll be tickled to have you, too.

Welcome to family!


— 30 —

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