The Bodine family in El Paso, Christmas ’15: Noemi, Dan and Kareli.


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Hello, I’m Dan Bodine, former journalist who logged almost 20 years in the trenches of Texas newspapers once before ditching it all and starting life anew 500 miles away — in Presidio, on the border, deep in the Big Bend country of far West Texas.

Retired from Presidio County there in 2009, after serving as Pct. 2 Justice of the Peace for 17 years; and, concurrently, too, Municipal Court Judge for the City of Presidio for 13 years. In 2010 our family moved to El Paso to be closer to health care professionals.

Noemi, my wife, is a former director of the Senior Citizens Center in Presidio. And our daughter, Maiya Kareli Bodine, attends the University of El Paso on academic scholarships now.

Thanks for dropping by to visit us and we hope you’ll return often to check on us.


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2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hey there, Dan Bodine! Just a nod from a former “Yankee” employee…Cleburne Times-Review….

    Barbara Griffith…education editor, obit, features…catch was as catch could. 1982..brief as my stint was,a multitude of experience was gained!

    Best wishes and thanks.

    • Hello, Barbara! Good to hear from you! The ol’ CTR…How did you escape? I can’t remember. Seems those days, there was a crisis every 10-15 minutes. And waiting on photos from Sam! A photographer who wasn’t on the payroll! Cleburne is where the Sunbelt slung what was left of civilization’s past headlong into the always moving present — and the resounding thud felt especially hard on newspaper employees! It still reverberates in my head some, in fact! Sounds like you remember a little of that, too! Once again, thanks for the note. Sign up. I’ve got dementia now and have really slowed down — but still enjoy telling a story or two! And of course welcome all readers. Except those who spit in my face, that is. Hee, hee! Haven’t had any of those since leaving Johnson County.

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