Rather Than Fight Change, Embrace It, White Nationalists!

Yeah, we may have our differences, but what does that have to do with real-time and potential real-time friendships?!                         [ Commons Image from Stock Adobe]


By Dan Bodine


Change. And ghosts of early White Nationalism! In a few months, it’ll be 39 years ago when as a white journalist/editor I was verbally attacked by early White Nationalists — e.g., for supporting a mixed-race Housing Project in the most affluent part of Cleburne, TX. It was Hate.

The project’s clients would include African Americans and was the leadoff item on a P&Z meeting. Could there be lessons for today’s “White Nationalists”? Feel free to comment. Continue reading

At Least Fortune Teller Told Truth About Wallet


Heeba, Jeeba, Alla Reeba, SHOW ME the Wallet!!! [Image courtesy of  https://www.istockphoto.com/search/2/image-film?phrase=fortune%20teller%20table&page=2


By Dan Bodine

Visited my pulmonologist Wednesday. Advised him I’d googled the name of the lung disease the hospital diagnosed me with on the internet, and three different reputable sites all gave me a life expectancy of 1-2 years, post diagnosis. Was this seeking a fortune telling? Continue reading

Strange Roommate and UTA Campus Benches

A common scene for both female and male working students attending college full-time: Catching Z-Z-Zs on a campus bench! At one point in my life these benches became my bed, too.        (Image courtesy  unsplash.com)

By Dan Bodine


Hee, hee! Me sleeping on student benches at the UTA campus in Arlington TX while my strange roommate enjoyed sexual trysts back in the apartment ain’t much to write home about! True story, though. Remind you of someone?

And this never bore bad ill will between us, ’cause it was a verbal agreement sealed by a handshake — e.g., I’d promised to clear out in the event he ever brought home a bar toad (aka, “a soused but gentle fat woman” [his vernacular]). Me? I was out on the streets already; campus was a block away; and, yes, I was that desperate for a place to live! So even with his caveat, I agreed. Continue reading

Unabomber Ever Eat At Presidio Sr. Citizens Center?


Unabomber Theodore J. Kaczynski being escorted to an arraignment proceeding. [Image courtesy of Getty Images]


By Dan Bodine

Did the notorious Unabomber who died in prison just recently at age 81 — authorities are saying by suicide — ever eat at the old City of Presidio TX’s Senior Citizen Center when he was on the lamb decades ago?

When the Center was on O’Reilly Street downtown? Years before the city built a new facility, up on the hill?

Or was it his brother instead? Continue reading

“Sovereign Citizen” And Cardboard License Plate

LAW IN FAR WEST TEXAS: This is the old Presidio County Annex Building where I held court as Pct. 2 JP for two years before Commissioners built a new county annex. The county jail was 60 miles away to the north in Marfa, an incentive to all concerned to resolve issues in “initial hearings” before “heading north”! Hard to think about a tiny courtroom inside but imagine the old judge being called out at midnight by deputies some Saturday night to referee a domestic dispute. Cars parked all around this building and in-laws and out-laws all lined up outside to put in their “two cents” with the judge. A lot of memories, yes.                                                                                    [Personal Photo]

By Dan Bodine

Idiom “tilting at windmills” from Miguel de Cervantes’ Spanish novel, Don Quixote seems apropos in today’s U. S. culture war.

(Note: A long one, dear readers. Hang in!)

Our current U. S. Civil War II (aka, Culture War) exploding now acts something like an imaginary kill-all virus that’s crept in, no? Casting suspicions about us. I’ve heard political commentators argue we’ve made tilting at windmills chic again, i.e., someone defiantly going after imaginary happenings and objects that were out there to git ‘ya!

Personally, I can’t fully grasp this fight now. Too old and too many weeds in the garden, maybe. But of what is it as a civil people we’re supposed to be so damn scared? Does the religious right want to neuter us sexually? Take all our property and wealth? Assign a mean, dispirited mother-in-law to all downtrodden and disinherited waifs? 

Current Republican politics seem to be centered civilly enough around lawmakers. But there’s a military curtness about it, too. Continue reading

New Right’s White Supremacists & Civil Rights, # 1


Image montage using CC Flicker image

GUN-TOTING FAMILY: Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY), posted this Christmas picture of himself and six others on his Twitter account several years ago holding firearms that appear to be machine guns and semi-automatic weapons. (Photograph: @RepThomasMassie)

[Yeah, I’m feeling they’ll be a version # 2 on this topic later. Will appreciate all comments. — d.b.]

By Dan Bodine

When U.S. presidential candidate Ronald Reagan endorsed the Religious Right at a take-over-the-nation religious affairs conference 43 years ago coming up in August this year in Dallas, I actually cried on my way back home to nearby Cleburne.

I was a staff writer, editor for the local daily newspaper, and covered that 1980 Dallas national election event mostly out of curiosity.

Earlier New Right‘s news releases coming across the desk relating to merging church and state were dead on, too, it turned out — e.g., this was a beginning of another long crusade toward Authoritarianism — and I felt as a country we’d never be the same again! Continue reading

Survival On ‘Croissants & Candy’ Tops My ‘Ti Doughnuts’


Texas Instruments headquarters in Plano north of Dallas on what use to be North Central Expressway, coming from downtown. [Commons Image courtesy of lighthouse.app]

By Dan Bodine

Hee, hee! I knew I’d hear a better one someday! The recent snow storms in California — as rare as they are for the state — have uncovered one. An 81-yr.-old man has survived almost a week snowbound in his auto thanks to eating croissants and candy that he had with him, CNN reported Thursday.

Oh, Life comes in strange shapes sometimes! [Image courtesy https://www.dreamstime.com/

 That tops my 8-day spell of testing God in mid-’60s, Continue reading

Layover At JFK Airport For An Icelandic Flight

By Dan Bodine

Hee, hee! A true one about an ol’ Navy sailor once caught in an airport layover between duty assignments, and broke after boozing away his travel leave money! Memory stirred from long waits by thousands of Southwest Airlines passengers in the current weather-delay odyssey. Worries in layovers, they are. But don’t say rescue angels don’t exist! Continue reading

“Fiddling Around” On An Ol’ Pickup


 Heck, if’n it starts up and runs, no problem, right!? (DMT photo)             


By Dan Bodine

Yeah, the sky has fallen upon my beloved ol’ Ford garden pickup. And I’m fit to be tied. Kinda. I’ve been accused of not fiddling around on it enough, while driving it some, too. And now I’ve burned the transmission out! Is there anyone or anything else we can hang for it? Fiddling around with ignorance, maybe?

This is my defense. Kinda. Continue reading

Hearing Aids And Terrorism In The Sound Of Silence

By Dan Bodine

Coming back home from a visit with a pulmonary doctor across town yesterday afternoon, I heard a “zip” sound in my ears. And then: Silence!

Ah…That moment when both of your hearing aids get contrary and decide to go out at the same time, this questioning moment became for me.

But it’s hard to describe the Sound of Silence. Continue reading