Strange Roommate and UTA Campus Benches

A common scene for both female and male working students attending college full-time: Catching Z-Z-Zs on a campus bench! At one point in my life these benches became my bed, too.        (Image courtesy

By Dan Bodine


Hee, hee! Me sleeping on student benches at the UTA campus in Arlington TX while my strange roommate enjoyed sexual trysts back in the apartment ain’t much to write home about! True story, though. Remind you of someone?

And this never bore bad ill will between us, ’cause it was a verbal agreement sealed by a handshake — e.g., I’d promised to clear out in the event he ever brought home a bar toad (aka, “a soused but gentle fat woman” [his vernacular]). Me? I was out on the streets already; campus was a block away; and, yes, I was that desperate for a place to live! So even with his caveat, I agreed. Continue reading