“Fields of Force” can raise some campus eyebrows

It's best to remember the different fields of forces involved before jumping into an argument about your neighbor's ratty daughter. [Photograph by Dayna Mason on Flickr]

These are lines of force between two opposite charged objects, visible only because of thousands of tiny iron filings flung out randomly atop the table have moved into alignment with the unseen lines of force below. It’s best to remember the different invisible fields of forces involved around you before jumping into any heated argument — say, about your neighbor’s ratty daughter, i.e. Things can become convoluted and hot very quickly when entering new energy fields!           [Photograph by Dayna Mason on Flickr]

By Dan Bodine


You the kind who spent hours as a kid wondering how hairs on a cat would stand up while the animal was rubbing itself against your leg? Or how running a comb thru your hair could generate enough force to instantly suck a small bit of tissue paper to it sometimes?

Hee, hee! This magnetism stuff (and its correlated charged energy fields) use to blow my mind so much I’d climb walls! Sorta. Growing up as a Baptist fundamentalist in rural North-Central Texas has a way of making one instinctively map the territory before ever stepping out anywhere! The Good Lord Above wadn’t the only one with unseen hands! Continue reading